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packwood, Washington


originals On Tap:

Cowlitz Kรถlsch
Alpine Alt
This Way Haze-y IPA
Tree Line IPA
White Pass Pale
Butter Peak Porter
+ Rotating Seasonals

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PBC hours

Thursdays 2PM-9PM
Fridays 2PM-10PM
Saturdays 12PM-10PM
Sundays 12PM-8PM
Mondays 12PM-8PM

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A Restoration Renovation...

We worked hard to restore one of Packwood's earliest landmarks, transforming it into something new and exciting. Built in 1933, the Save More Store No. 2 was a local necessity. As we stripped away the layers from decades of remodels, we took this historical building back to it's roots to create a hoppin' new gathering place for family, friends, and visitors alike. Come enjoy the new-old space with us over a pint (or two)!